5 Minutes with the Bee Friendly Trust

Loxwood Meadworks and Bee Friendly Trust

We’re so honoured and delighted to be partnered with the Bee Friendly Trust, a charitable organisation who help the bees to help the planet. Here, we spend 5 minutes finding out what makes these guys so special…


In one sentence, what does the Bee Friendly Trust do?

Our mission is to create habitats for honey bees and all pollinators to thrive.


How did it all start?

It all began with two urban beekeepers, Luke and Qais putting some bee friendly planters on Putney station in West London. The aim was to increase forage for urban bees. That was in 2016. From this one small project the charity was born. Nearby stations asked for planters. Network Rail and Transport for London got involved. The two beekeepers were joined by others. Now the charity has a dedicated team of specialists and volunteers.


Loxwood Meadworks and Bee Friendly Trust


Amazing, tell us more about the work you do.

We want to create beautiful spaces for people and bees. Honey bees can fly up to three miles from the hive when out foraging for pollen and nectar, but in areas that are densely populated or over-farmed they sometimes struggle to find enough food.

That’s why we’re working with railway authorities, community rail partnerships, and local groups across the UK to install bee-friendly flowering planters, fruit tree orchards and micro wildlife gardens on railway station platforms. Yes, platforms. Because we’re all about sharing and that way the commuters can benefit as well as the bees.

Following the success of our railway station platform work, we have expanded our offering to other sites around the country, working with groups and communities to create bespoke pollinator-friendly habitats that satisfy not only specific site requirements but also a community’s own unique needs. We also commission local artists to create interest in our bee-friendly projects.


Loxwood Meadworks and Bee Friendly Trust


That’s so exciting, how can people get involved?

Whether you want to get your hands dirty and help tend a railway station planter, or would like to nominate a suitable site to join our network, there are many ways to get involved. You can donate money, time, knit knitted bees and, of course, shop with our partners! All the details are on our website.


And your partners, like us, how does that help?

We work with some amazing British businesses, community groups and individuals, who support our work and share our vision. Collaboration is key to our work.

It’s so great to see new businesses giving back to the bees, and for Loxwood Meadworks to promise 10% of their profits to UK bee charities like us will go a long way. As long as people buy and drink the mead!


Loxwood Meadworks and Bee Friendly Trust


Finally, can you tell us why you think looking after the bees is so important?

Did you know that one third of the world’s food wouldn’t exist without honeybees? Bees are such an integral part of our planet’s ecosystem and without them, we wouldn’t survive, it’s that simple. We need to do everything we can to keep bees surviving and thriving.


You can find out more about the Bee Friendly Trust on their website. Why not give them a little follow on Instagram too? 

And remember, we promise to donate 10% of our profits to UK bee charities including the Bee Friendly Trust. You could do your bit and buy a bottle right now.

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