Mead has a very romantic history, and Loxwood Meadworks are bringing it back...


A honeymoon history

Have you ever wondered where the term ‘honeymoon’ comes from? Some believe it dates back centuries, to a very boozy – and generous – wedding tradition involving (you guessed it) mead.


As the story goes, newly married couples were given enough bottles of mead to last for their first month together – or in other words, one moon’s worth. The gift was to celebrate the sweetness of their unity, and this time came to be known as the ‘honeymoon period’. 


Honey is also a divine substance, historically. In Celtic mythology, it was said that a ‘river of mead’ ran through paradise. 


Mead for the future

We may specialise in mead for the modern age, but the special history of mead is something we think needs to be re-ignited. 

With its subtly sweet and distinctive taste, Loxwood Meadworks Pure Mead makes a thoughtful wedding or valentine’s gift. Why not raise your first glass as a couple (or toast an engagement) with a drink that is quite unlike any other? 


Valentine’s Day Gift

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A little something that says “I mead you in my life”. 


The nectar of life is sweet only when shared with others” 

Adam Mickiewicz


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