Vintage 22 – Single Estate

1 x 750ml 11% ABV

Vintage 22 – Single Estate


1 x 750ml 11% ABV

100% Honey from Loxwood Meadow

Harvested in 2022

Only 500 bottles produced

Dry style

Produced in Surrey Hills

Vegetarian & gluten free


The Story:

Born from the first humble hive in 2020, our Loxwood Meadow has flourished. Now, with 12 thriving hives on our 28-acre organic sanctuary, the warm summer of 2022 bestowed a harvest of extraordinary depth and flavour. This wine, a mere 480 bottles, offers a glimpse into our terroir, captured in time. Floral notes waltz, culminating in a crisp, dry finish. This release is a rare jewel, embodying a year of thriving bees and the land’s generosity.
22 is more than a wine; it’s a taste of our meadow’s heartbeat.


An aromatic symphony of jasmine, rose, lavender, saffron, white blossoms, and geranium, heightened by a zesty burst of citrusy freshness.


Chilled in a white wine glass. Delicious as a sipping wine and exceptional when paired with citrus-glazed salmon, rosemary chicken, or Thai dishes infused with lemongrass and ginger.

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