Festival 18 x3

3x750ml 11% ABV

Festival 18 x3


3x750ml 11% ABV

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Pure Mead is our first, signature product – a crisp, refreshing and delicately sweet honey wine, designed for the modern palate. It’s fermented dry then back-sweetened with honey for natural flavour. Enjoy on its own, chilled or over ice. Or for a festive twist, mull with cinnamon and spices and serve warm as a delicious mulled mead.

Pair with pork, cheeses, fresh salads – anything that pairs with or is cooked with honey.

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Customer Reviews

Extremely refreshing compared to most meads as it's balanced citric acidity that makes your mouth water.

So good, the contents of the bottle mysteriously vanished in one day ?

It's our first time trying mead and we're obsessed.

This stuff is exactly what I've been meading in lockdown! ??

I absolutely love HONEY and ALCOHOL so this was a perfect bottle for me

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Enjoy our Pure Mead chilled, just like you would with white wine. For a festive twist, warm it with spices to make a delicious Mulled Mead.

When do you drink it?

Any time you would enjoy a glass of wine. It’s great to share with friends for any occasion – from a warm summer’s day to a cosy night in with a cheeseboard.

What does it taste like?

Nothing you’ve ever had before! It’s really refreshing, has a light honey flavour and smooth finish. We use 100% honey in the ferment so it has a natural, delicate sweetness.


Loxwood Meadworks is a small business and we want to offer you the best delivery service possible. This includes professional delivery service and guaranteed bottle arriving un-damaged in the most sustainable way possible. We, therefore, have to charge a delivery fee to ensure we can guarantee the best delivery.

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