We’re a small team, but our goal is to be the biggest name in mead. Loxwood Pure Mead is a product that we all truly believe in, and we’re willing to put in the work to share it with the world. 



This is our passion project – to reimagine an iconic alcohol for a brand new generation. After months of testing, trialing, and tasting, we finally arrived at our signature flavour. Using a blend of three honeys, all sourced locally in the UK, we achieved a fresh balanced taste and smooth finish that we’re proud to put our name to. 


Pure Mead 

As the only definition of mead is that it’s ‘honey alcohol’, there are lots of different ways to produce it. Some make it like cider, and others like an ale. Our mead is best served like a crisp white wine, and is delicious chilled, or over ice. We decided on the name ‘Pure Mead’ because our ferment contains as many naturally-occurring sugars as we could squeeze in. Simple ingredients for exceptional flavours. 


Let us know what you think 

We’re excited to finally share our flagship product. All starting with a big idea from our founder Danny, and the support of Ignite Hospitality, we’ve managed to make our mead dreams a reality. If you’ve never tried mead before, why not give it a try? A great way to create special moments, a dinner party conversation starter, or a thoughtful gift for friends. 

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