What is Mead?

Typically it's associated with all things medieval, but we're re-imagining mead in a modern way.

100% pure honey

Just like wine is made from grapes, mead is made from honey.

Unlike other meads you may have tried before, our Pure Mead is created using 100% honey in the ferment. (The process that makes the alcohol).

It's fermented dry, and then back-sweetened with honey, to give the most natural flavour and a delicate sweetness.

How do you drink mead?

Enjoy our Pure Mead chilled, just like you would with white wine.

When do you drink it?

Any time you would enjoy a glass of wine. It’s great to share with friends for any occasion – from a warm summer’s day to a cosy night in with a cheeseboard.

What does it taste like?

Nothing you’ve ever had before! It’s really refreshing, has a light honey flavour and smooth finish. We use 100% honey in the ferment so it has a natural, delicate sweetness.


Are you of legal drinking age in your country?

No Yes