in the beginning

Our story began in a field outside of Loxwood, West Sussex...

from the festival

Our founder, Danny, was selling mead for The Loxwood Joust (a medieval festival he runs).

Seeing how much people loved it, he thought "Why does no one drink mead anymore? Surely we can bring it back, but in a modern way"...

the team

So, Danny ventures out to find a team to ignite his vision. Together, we embark on a mission to re-imagine how mead can look, taste, and live in a modern world.

Starting from scratch, we experimented, tasted, designed (and tasted some more) until we created the signature Pure Mead you see today.

bee the change

When launching a new product into the world, you have to think about its effect on the planet.

We're trying our best to be conscious of our footprint, but most importantly, protecting our most important workers – the bees. Find out more about what we're doing to #beekind.

Bee Kind

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