Oh honey, you’re going to love this cocktail recipe from Joe at @todays_tipple

Discover how a masterful mix of mead, ginger, gin and rhubarb will make you fall in love with honey wine.

Originally crafted by the talented Joe at @todays_tipple as the perfect love potion for couples on Valentine’s Day, we’re so smitten with this stunner that we just had to share the recipe for it. After all, who said making eyes at each other over a gorgeous cocktail was just for February?  

Blushed with pink and fabulously floral, the tart tang of the rhubarb is the perfect pairing for the subtle sweetness of the honey wine. Our suggestion? Buy a bottle of mead immeadiately and fall in love all over again with a sweet little sip, all pretty in pink. 

The perfect amount for 2… obviously. 

How To:

First up, a homemade ginger cordial.


– 50g Grated Rhubarb

– 25g Grated Ginger

– 10g Lime Zest

– 20g Lime Juice

– 50g Maison Mirabeau Gin

– 20g Caster Sugar

– 10g Honey

The gin helps draw more flavour out of the ingredients and thins it out enough to let you strain it through muslin cloth. Leave mixture to infuse for 12 hours, stirring well. For every 10g of strained cordial, add 0.1g Malic Acid.

Then take 75ml of Loxwood Honey Wine, the Rhubarb and Ginger Cordial.

Mix, bottle, chill, pour.

Say cheers to your undying love.

Enjoy a sip of something a little different.

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