Glow 21

1x750ml 11% ABV

Glow 21


1x750ml 11% ABV

100% Honey

Infused with winter spices

Natural sweetness.

Produced in Surrey Hills

Vegetarian & gluten free.


Whilst exhibiting at Glow illumination festival at RHS Wisley we were questioned about any availability of  a mulled version of our English Honey Wine. We rose to the challenge by adding spices to an urn containing our honey wine, it was an instant hit.  The following year we decided to produce a bottled version. It met  with a glowing reception and sold out in just 2 weeks so we knew we had happened upon a winning warming winter tipple.


Pronounced with honeyed ginger, vanilla and cinnamon. Delicately sweet, with zesty flavours to complement creamy body.



Gently warmed in a mug. Garnish with lemon peel, cinnamon stick and a grating of fresh nutmeg for the perfect winter warmer.


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