Sussex Sunset

1 x 750ml 11% ABV

Sussex Sunset


1 x 750ml 11% ABV

100% Honey

Dry style

Oak fermentation

Produced in Surrey Hills

Vegetarian & gluten free


The Story:

While tending to our hives, the early evening sky bathed Loxwood meadow in hues of gold and rich amber. We sat for a while to drink in the moment, and inspired by the silhouetted oak trees, we decided to explore oak fermentation. The result is Sussex Sunset, an innovative dry honey wine, deepened by oak fermentation. Best enjoyed while taking a moment to appreciate the beautiful world around us.


Citrus and apple with hints of oak and honeycomb texture. Balanced roundness with acidity.


Chilled in a white wine glass. Perfect as a sipping wine or to pair with chicken and pork dishes.

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