The Ultimate Wine Pairing

Cheese and honey wine

Cheese! Oh, how we love cheese. However, it can be quite daunting when thinking of what wine to pair with such a versatile dish.

Here are 5 guidelines for a cheese pairing.

1) Acidity

Acidity is important when approaching a pairing with “fatty” foods.  On the palate Pure Mead bursts with citrus notes followed by refreshing acidity.  The acidity perfectly cuts through the fattiness and richness of the cheeseboard, cleaning your palate after every bite.

2) Complement

Look for flavours in the wine and the food that work well together.  Nutty cheeses, e.g. Comté or an Aged Cheddar, will complement well with the hazelnut notes in the Pure Mead.

3) Contrast

Sometimes contrast is good… think of peanut butter and jelly.  Our Pure Mead has a delicate sweetness that contrasts beautifully with a salty blue, e.g. Sitlon.

4) Sweetness (Off-Dry)

No matter the size of the cheeseboard, no one can do without chutney, or fresh apple/ pear… or a spoonful of honey.  When choosing a wine it must be sweeter than the dish (board) or else the wine can appear flabby.

5) Strength

The food and wine should be harmonious and ensure that neither personality overpowers the other.  Pure Mead’s creamy, rich texture will meet the match of many of its cheesy friends… try for yourself.
Whether you are at the start of your wine pairing journey or looking to discover the next best pairing, your taste buds are truly the best guide.  The only tip is to “individually taste the cheese followed by a sip of the wine to see how the flavours change and complement each mouthful’. Otherwise, enjoy the journey.

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Loxwood poured and with cheese

Photos by @brymorganna

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