Our signature product pure mead

What is Loxwood Meadworks’ signature product, Pure Mead?


Out with the traditional and in with the modern.  We are on a mission to ‘Reimagine mead for a new generation’… everything from branding to taste.  Introducing our Pure Mead made from our own unique blend of honey.


Deep golden in colour with honied-citrus aromas, this delicious off-dry honey wine has an elegant minerality, crisp zesty flavours which complement the rich, creamy, textured finish.



Serve chilled in a wine glass and try pairing with a cheeseboard.  The acidity cuts through the richness ofthe cheese and the delicate sweetness complements any sweet accompaniments whilst contrasting the saltiness.  For more pairing inspiration check out our blog.


Made similarly to a white wine we ferment to dry with a cool fermentation; retain all the delicate flavours. After, we back-sweeten with our unique blend of honey to produce the gentle sweetness.


Vintage: NV

Alcohol: 12%

Residual Sugar: 26 g/L

Acidity: 8.5 g/L

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